AAA Hoosier Motor Club Says “Pokémon GO” a Dangerous Distraction for Drivers

AAA Hoosier Motor Club is reminding motorists of the dangers associated with playing Pokémon Go while driving. The smartphone game, in which players search for animated characters superimposed on real-life images, has exploded in popularity during the last few days but is a very dangerous distraction for anyone attempting to play while operating a motor vehicle. Industry experts say an alarmingly-high number of motorists continue to use a cell phone while driving in the United States, despite restrictive laws and warnings against the proven dangers of doing so. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says distracted driving is responsible for the deaths of one out of every 10 drivers in the U.S.The dangers are significantly magnified for inexperienced teenage drivers. AAA recommends six tips to avoid cellphone use while behind the wheel. Silence your cell phone and turn off vibrate, ask for help by reminding people in your vehicle to help with texting, calling, or working the gps. Let family know the times you commute to work so they know that during that time you are unavailable. Place phone in glove box, download a safety app, and finally allow someone else to operate your games such as Pokemon GO as you drive.

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