IDEM Releases 2016 Data about Your Drinking Water

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has recently announced the latest round of data in an ongoing ground water quality study that includes water well samples from Indiana’s 92 counties. IDEM’s Ground Water Monitoring Network (GWMN) sampling activities initially began with funding provided through a 2008 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant. Sample testing provides IDEM officials a view of the untreated water as it exists in deep, underground aquifers. The Ground Water Monitoring Network (GWMN) has several research goals, such as determining ground water quality characteristics statewide with sample collections and analysis, as such a large population of Hoosiers regularly consume well water. Notable findings from the latest round of sampling include some pesticide degradants, arsenic, nitrogen, and nitrate readings all above the maximum contaminant level, as well as elevated iron concentrations. Data collected by the GWMN may assist health and government regulators with source water and watershed protection efforts and provide ground water quality information to local communities, citizens, and research organizations. For more detail about your drinking water, or Ground Water Monitoring, follow the links in this article at

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