Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

After a horrific multi-motorcycle accident yesterday near Monrovia, and with the Indiana Boogie this upcoming weekend (July 14-17), motorcyclists abound. So here’s a few tips on how to drive around Motorcycles, for those of us who have more than two wheels, because coming up on an accident scene with a bike laying on the ground is never a good sign.

*Most car vs. bike accidents occur at intersections, so before making a left turn, be sure traffic is clear, and then look AGAIN specifically for motorcycles! Vehicles turning in front of motorcycles is the number one cause of fatal accidents for motorcycle riders. Look twice and save a life!

* You may notice motorcycles weaving within their lane from side to side. For those of us in cars and trucks, potholes are an inconvenience. But for a biker, hitting a pothole, road kill, oil spots, a corner of gravel and other types of road debris could have grave consequences. Let them swerve. Bikers also change their position within their lane to stay out of blind spots and allow oncoming traffic to see them.

* Always increase your following distance when following a motorcycle. They have a much quicker stopping distance than cars. Motorcyclists are completely exposed, so even a minor rear end collision can cause serious damage to the rider, compared to colliding with a car. The best thing to do is give them as much space as possible. If you need to pass, do it quickly and safely.

* If you’re looking for small motorcycles, you’ll see everything! The end result is becoming a safer driver for everyone. Just as we lookout for kids darting out behind cars, we should remind ourselves to always look for bikers, even during unusually warm weather during the winter months. Motorcyclists are our family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, so let’s share the road, and keep our riders safe.

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