Sacred Nations Sundance for July 12, 2016

Sacred Nations invites all nations to join at the sacred tree and pray as one, in a traditional ceremony for harmony and healing. Sacred Nations welcomes all who would come with a good heart and mind. The Lighting of the Sacred Fire will be on July 9th, and the Tree Ceremony on July 12th. The first three days (July 9-11) are a time of purification as dancers prepare for the remainder of the ceremony.The Sacred Nations Sundance is an eight day traditional Lakota ceremony, running through early evening July 16th, to celebrate the spiritual renewal and insure harmony between all living beings and Mother Earth, through prayer and dance.
The Sundance will be held at 8674 N County Road 500 E, in Bainbridge, Indiana 46172. Attendees are welcome to camp during the duration of the event, though only primitive camping is available, and it is suggested campers bring everything they need for their stay, including drinking water. Pants or long skirts and sleeved shirts are the requested and typical attire. The following items are prohibited during the ceremony: alcohol, drugs, firearms, profanity, pets, also photography, cell phones or any recording devices. The event is open to the public for all who wish to learn and celebrate in this sacred tradition. Though there’s no charge for the Sundance, donations are much appreciated, as the Sacred Nations Cultural Center in Bainbridge is a non-profit organization that puts on additional educational events throughout the year. For further information contact Sundance Chief Michael Vargas at (812) 327-0206, or Lead Help Quentin Young at (630) 297-6460.

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