Spear Corporation Asks for Tax Abatement

The Putnam County Council held their meeting on June 21st at the Putnam County Courthouse. One of the main agenda items brought up during the meeting was the request for another tax abatement by the Spear Corporation whose operation is in Roachdale.  Spear Corporation manufactures pool equipment. The founder of the Spear Corporation, Jim Spear, has already done business with the county by requesting a tax abatement two years ago. This agreement has worked out very well for Jim Spear who has now expressed his need to expand again. The new requested tax abatement will apply to a 36,000 square foot building for the Spear Corporation, to be constructed in the near future. While the tax abatement will have to wait until July the council has approved the declaration of the area where the new building will be constructed as an economic revitalization area.

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