Indiana Fireworks Laws 2016

Fireworks season has arrived, and the State Fire Marshal is reminding all Hoosiers to be mindful of fireworks laws when celebrating this summer. Hoosiers should remember the following laws when setting off fireworks: The person setting off fireworks could be liable for damage on any property. Fireworks may only be set off on the user’s property, on the property of someone who has consented to the use of fireworks or at locally-mandated special discharge locations. Not all communities designate a special discharge location. Throughout the year, fireworks may only be used between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. Local ordinance may limit this further. Not only do fireworks users need to abide by laws, but so do fireworks retailers who sell to the public,  who may only sell 1.4G consumer fireworks. Dealers must hold a permit through Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s Fire and Building Safety Division, which is overseen by the State Fire Marshal. No one younger than 18 may purchase fireworks. Each of these laws carry their own consequences for breaking them. Have fun with your fireworks but remember that safety should be the priority.

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