SPOT Spay and Neuter Clinic of Cloverdale & Terre Haute: Helping Pets at Low Cost

SPOT, an acronym for Stop Pet Overpopulation Today, is a non-profit Spay and Neuter Clinic with locations on Wabash Ave in Terre Haute, and at the intersection of US Hwy 231 & State Road 42 in Cloverdale. SPOT Clinic’s Terre Haute location has been open for less than a year and already performed more than 1,000 surgeries to fix pets and help end the suffering related to pet overpopulation. As a non-profit charity, many of the surgeries and vaccinations are often free, and vouchers can be obtained for low-income owners. So when the Wabash Ave. location was broken into and left with a shattered back door, it was not easy for the non-profit to part with the $285 to pay for the repair. Money that could have helped spay or neuter several dogs or cats. If you would like to donate to SPOT Clinic, visit the link through this story at SPOT Clinic also has Pet Friendly license plates available, with 60% of proceeds funding Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana. – Locations, hours, prices

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