Former Hendricks County Township Trustee and Firefighter charged with theft

Firefighter and former Brown Township trustee Troy Wymer was charged Friday morning with theft and misconduct. According to the probable cause affidavit, the current Brown Township Trustee Tom Kmetz reported to Indiana State Police that Wymer paid himself six extra checks from the Brown Township account totaling $9,739.50. Wymer claimed it was a mistaken overpayment and that he paid back the money. He also said he reported himself to the State Board of Accounts once he realized it. However, Andy Shank, Director of Special Investigations for the Indiana State Board of Accounts doesn’t think he should get off that easy and said repayment of stolen funds does not negate the crime. Wymer has not been arrested on charges, filed Friday morning in Hendricks County Superior Court 3. The Wayne Township fire department placed Wymer on paid administrative leave Friday until the conclusion of the theft and official misconduct charges. Wymer also made headlines back in 2015 when he was arrested with unlawful entry and battery. He ended up taking anger management classes for it.


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