Be On the Lookout for Mosquitoes This Summer

Summer is here and with the warmer days also brings the common summer pests, namely the Mosquito. Mosquitoes in Indiana are mostly known for transmitting the West Nile Virus and more recently only 6 cases of the Zika Virus. While it is rare to receive these illnesses from a mosquito bite it is still important to take precautionary measures against mosquito bites. Things you can do to prevent bites is to wear long sleeved shirts, avoid areas with still water, apply insect repellent to self and remove anything in your yard that could be used as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes prefer to stay in areas that can retain water such as kiddie pools, old tires and clogged gutters. Following these tips will ensure that you avoid any unnecessary contact with mosquitoes this summer.

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