Your Pets and Car Safety

If you have a pet that you take with you while you run your errands or travel there is a huge safety concern you need to keep in mind. Everyone is aware that cars are very good at trapping heat inside the cabin. This means that if you keep your furry friend locked inside a vehicle with the windows closed, chances are you are putting them in an extremely dangerous situation. Cars can go from 85 degrees to 100 in just under an hour. This means that the rate that temperatures rise in a vehicle left sitting under the sun increases by approximately 15 degrees per hour on an 85 degree day. Essentially your car turns into an oven, which if your pet is left in could die of heat exhaustion. Citizens are being ask to stay vigilant of pets or children locked inside vehicles. If you see a child or pet locked in a vehicle you should contact the management of the location and call 911. For those that have pets and want to avoid the situation it is recommended that you keep your pet at home.

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