Charges Filed Against Two Middle Aged Men for Separate Sex-Crimes Related Cases Involving Minors

The Putnam County Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges against two 40-year-old men in separate sex-crimes related cases in which the reported victims are 14-year-old girls. On Friday, an arrest warrant was issued for Jonathan M. Steele, of Coatesville (Heritage Lake), who has been charged with one count Sexual Misconduct with a Minor. And earlier in the week, an arrest warrant on a separate case was issued for Chawn L. Weimer, of Indianapolis, who has been charged with one count Level 5 Felony Child Solicitation, and one count Dissemination of Matter Harmful to Minors. In the Steele case, during Greencastle Police Department Det. Sgt. Michael Collins’ investigation he interviewed both the suspect and the alleged victim, receiving admissions that Steele has kissed the 14-year-old and inappropriately touched her. In the Weimer case, Indiana State Police Det. Sgt. Samuel J. Stearley began investigating after a report to DCS was made that the 14-year-old girl was involved with an old schoolmate of her father’s. The girl admitted sending five or six nude photographs of herself to the 40-year-old, stating he was well aware of her age, who in turn sent three or four nude photos of himself to the girl. The photo exchange reportedly occurred while the girl was at her grandmother’s Putnam County home.

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