Half of All New Cases of STDs Occur among Youths.. It’s Time to Take Notice, Discuss, Educate,

The Indiana State Department of Health declares April as the annual observance of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Awareness Month. The Dept of Health (ISDH) is encouraging Hoosiers to discuss prevention and know their risks. STD Awareness Month is an annual observance, but a yearlong concern, to stress the importance of taking notice of the impact of STDs, to promote testing, and to address ways of preventing the national occurrence of nearly 20 million STDs from increasing. Data of STD reports in 2015 Indiana indicate over 29K cases of Chlamydia, nearly 8K (7,910) cases of Gonorrhea, and about 300 cases of primary and secondary Syphilis. Half of all new sexually transmitted infections each year occur among youths, which highlights an urgent need for education and prevention.


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