Pursuit ends in arrest by Greencastle Police

At approximately 3:45PM on Friday Officer Kyle Lee of the Greencastle Police Dept. was traveling northbound on Jackson St when he observed a male, whom he believed he recognized as Drew Evens,  in the driver seat of an SUV stopped at the traffic light located at the intersection of Washington & Jackson St. Aware of the active Putnam County warrant for Even’s arrest, Officer Lee turned around in his fully marked squad car for a second look at the male to confirm that the driver of the SUV was in fact Drew Evens which he  confirmed. At that time Lee turned around to follow the vehicle to initiate a traffic stop, as he was turning around the SUV turned west down Franklin St at which time Officer Lee activated his red/blue emergency lights showing his intent initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle did not pull over but accelerated at which time Officer Lee marked in pursuit of the vehicle. Evens led police across several city blocks on the west side of the city at speeds reaching 55-60 mph down alleys & small side streets. While speeding down an alley the SUV Evens was driving struck a rock with the passenger side tire causing it to deflate rapidly. Evens continued to flee from police with the flat tire until officers were able to block the SUV from continuing any further at the intersection of Market & Washington St, Evens was then taken into custody without incident. The search incident to arrest resulted in the location of glass pipe, commonly used to ingest methamphetamine, and a white crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine. Chief Tom Sutherlin, Detective Captain Randy Seipel, Sergeant Detective Michael Collins, and Officer Darrel Bunten assisted in the vehicle pursuit and subsequent arrest of Evens.  Drew Evens was preliminarily charged with resisting law enforcement with a motor vehicle, criminal recklessness, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of paraphernalia.

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