Plainfield Customers Wake Up to Power Outage

Customers in Plainfield woke up this morning with no power. According to the Duke Energy’s power outage map over 40 customers have been affected by the high winds that have been hitting the state this week which resulted in damaged power lines. There has also been hundreds of other outages in the rest of the Wabash Valley area. Strong storms and wind are expected to persist this spring which means it is a great time to get an emergency kit and create a plan if you haven’t done so already. Keep in mind that outages could result in days without power depending on the extent of the damage, so your kit should plan for days without your refrigerator keeping food fresh and water heaters not working. You should also include candles or flashlights to light up your home in case of an outage. Also be sure to stay informed about an outage and severe weather by purchasing a portable radio. When the power goes out be sure to always report the outage. This helps the energy company gauge the extent of the outage.

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