Mushroom Hunting Season Is Here!

Mushroom hunting season is here and individuals looking for those tasty morel mushrooms are scouring the land. Experienced mushroom hunters know that when hunting for the morel mushroom you can generally find them next to dead ash, elm, oak, and aspen trees. However according to Biologist Peter Copping the most important factor to consider when hunting mushrooms is the soil temperature. Copping explains that morel mushroom like to grow in areas where the soil is around 50 degrees. If this is your first year hunting for mushrooms keep in mind that there is a poisonous imposter that looks just like a morel mushroom called a false morel. You can tell a poisonous from a non-poisonous mushroom by checking the shape of the mushroom and comparing the cap size to the stem size. If the stem is bigger then the cap, than it is a poisonous mushroom. If the mushroom isn’t conical then it is poisonous. A true morel mushroom will have a conical cap, short steam, wrinkles with pits, and a hollowed stem.

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