Spring Cleaning and Spring AC Maintenance

With spring cleaning also comes spring maintenance. During the spring homeowners are using their cooling systems a lot more often as spring also brings warmer weather. However, before you turn on your cooling system you must first check your system to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Make sure your filters are clean. This ensures that your AC is working efficiently by improving airflow. Inspect the system coils. These coils can collect dirt which means less heat absorption of the outside air. Be sure to clean these coils periodically throughout the warm weather seasons. Check your window unit seals. If the seal is loose or broken then cold air will escape your home. Be sure to also clear debris away from your AC unit’s fan blades. Any debris will cause a system to retain heat making it less efficient. These few tasks should be added your spring cleaning to-do-list to make sure that your house is cooled efficiently and safely.

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