Update on Breaking News: Bank Robbery In Danville at North Salem State Bank

The Danville Metropolitan Police Department is requesting your assistance in finding or identifying this bank robbery suspect.  At approximately 3:45 PM, Wednesday, March 9th, the North Salem State Bank located at State Road 39 and Main Street in Danville was robbed. The individual in this photo, passed a note demanding cash, then fled east on foot from the bank after obtaining an undisclosed amount of cash.  This individual is described as being 5’6″-5’7″ tall, 110-120lbs, wearing an orange knit hat, with a camouflage hat over it. The individual was also wearing black sunglasses, a red or orange undershirt, with a camouflage shirt on over that, and a black hoodie with white draw strings on top. The suspects jeans are rolled at the bottom and the suspect dumped their tennis shoes to the east of the bank after fleeing. Following the robbery, the individual fled north east on foot. If you have any additional info, call 911 immediately. Their non-emergency number is (317) 745-2486.


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