Indiana State Police Launch Program to Combat Cyber Crimes Affecting Youth

The Indiana State Police are announcing the Indiana Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) statewide youth education initiative designed to reduce cyber victimization of youth between the ages of eight and eighteen. Three specially trained ICAC Youth Educators will be available to present the program in each of Indiana’s 92 counties.  While it is anticipated program requests could exceed availability of the Youth Educators, an aggressive plan is being developed to provide at least 300 training programs to the target age group by the conclusion of 2016.  Past high profile instances of youth being victimized by sexual predators demanded a proactive program be developed and implemented in an effort to inoculate youth against such criminal acts. The Youth Educators are trained to present a consistent, timely, up to date program that is age appropriate within the target audience group of eight to eighteen year old adolescents.  Programs can be customized to accommodate both large and small groups, and can last from less than an hour to a full day.

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