Indiana Department of Revenue What to Know About the “Identity Confirmation Quiz”

The Indiana Department of Revenue is informing citizens of the “Identity Confirmation Quiz” that is being used to verify taxpayer’s identity in an effort to prevent identity theft. The quiz works with the taxpayers receiving a letter from the department asking them to take the “Identity Confirmation Quiz.” It is important that taxpayers who receive this letter to confirm the name(s) and address information at the top of the letter that matches an Indiana income tax return they recently submitted. If the information is not correct of the taxpayer didn’t file a tax return he or she should not completely the ICQ, but call the department and correct mistakes. After completing the quiz taxpayers should receive their money in 14 if filed electronically and 12 weeks if filed by paper. Those who don’t pass the quiz must contact the Department of Revenue at a special number to have an additional chance to take it via telephone. Taxpayers are selected for the Identity Confirmation Quiz when irregularities are detected in their identifying information. Currently, only about 5% of taxpayers are selected to take the quiz.

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