Greencastle High School Reminds Parents

Greencastle High School is reminding parents and guardians of a few important things. Attendance is very important, as is safety. A student who misses 11 days has their grades impacted, as well as needing a doctor’s note sooner for additional absences. And a new semester does not mean that previous absences disappear, either. They are still on the student’s attendance record until the last day of school that year. Also, a 3 hour Wednesday detention will be assigned if a student is late or absent and does not have a note or phone call explaining. Safety is also a top priority. It is everyon’es duty, so if you or your student have a concern, please contact the school immediately. All visitors to the school must remove sunglasses, hat, and hoods, and check in with office staff to verify identity. Students must always have their school-issued student ID on them. It is a quick, readily-available way to identify each student as belonging at GHS.

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