Putnamville CSI Receives New Scanning Device

Recently, the Putnamville Post received a scientific enhancement for investigations with the addition of new equipment. Indiana State Police Crime Scene Investigator Sergeant Jim Cody, assigned to the ISP Laboratory Division and working out of the Putnamville Post, received a new scanning and imaging device that will greatly enhance the documentation and reproduction of crash scenes, crime scenes, and more. Cody was chosen as the Central Zone CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) to receive this equipment and utilize it in the field. The ISP’s North and South Zones also received the new equipment.

The Indiana State Police Laboratory Division purchased three FARO Brand X330 3D scanning and imaging devices via a grant from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. The devices will allow laboratory personnel to scan any crash or crime scene down to the smallest of detail and then provide that information in 3-D to investigators. In other words, it permits high-precision 3-D measurement, imaging, and documentation of target areas. As one example of a finished product, this information would potentially allow a 3-D virtual tour of a crime scene to a jury.

As part of the grant process, ISP has agreed to scan some Indiana schools along the way and store that information should the need arise for law enforcement or emergency purposes. The information would then allow a virtual tour of the school’s physical characteristics for investigative and/or tactical purposes. It is important to note, that students will not be involved in the process and it may be some time for additional schools are documented, as the main priority is for the devices to be integrated into actual investigations.

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