Putnam County Superintendents ISTEP+ Letter to Parents

The Putnam County Superintendents have recently sent a letter out to parents stating the condition and consequences of the recently released ISTEP+ Scores. The letter describes that schools have been waiting on results from last spring’s ISTEP+ for six months and now they can finally dig into the results. The letter goes on to say “the scores recently made available to parents were results of a flawed system” and points out that “schools across Indiana that averaged a passing rate of 80 percent or more in previous years will suddenly have scores below 60 percent.” The superintendents also say that “without legislative action, a vast majority of schools in Indiana will be labeled as failing or declining. Unfairly labeling schools as “D” or “F” will bring huge consequences.” The letter ends by emphasized that that the problems lays in “the system in Indiana is failing- not our local schools”

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