National Weather Service Cautions Dangers of Winter Weather

The National Weather Service of Indianapolis would like to remind the public to stay safe during the cold winter months. According to the Department of Transportation on average there are more than 480,000 people injured in vehicle crashes each year and kill 6,253 people per year. The greatest injures and deaths happen during weather conditions that make roads slippery, snowy, or icy. Begin to get in the habit of giving yourself plenty of space in between the vehicle in front of you to give you time to stop. When intending to turn make sure that your turn signal is on and indicating the direction of your turn before you make the turn. This will help drivers behind you be informed of your intentions so they can adjust accordingly. It is also a good idea to avoid driving in hazardous weather conditions if you can. Following these few safety tips should help you and those around you drive safe this winter.

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