IDOI Gives Hoosiers a Heads Up on Air Ambulance Insurance Coverage

The Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) has received complaints from Hoosiers who were transported by private air ambulance services and left to pay large bills. Air ambulances, also known as medevac services, quickly transport a patient to a medical facility after an accident, heart attack, stroke or other major medical emergency. While most major medical health insurance policies provide coverage for this service, coverage gaps can leave patients struggling to pay. Many stand-alone air ambulance services are not part of an insurance company’s network and are covered under out-of-network provisions. As a consequence, many Hoosiers who are transported by a private air ambulance company will receive a bill for the balance not covered by insurance – this is known as “balance billing.” This amount can often be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some insurers will pay what they deem reasonable use of an air ambulance; however, sometimes the air ambulance company and the insurer disagree on the reasonable value. Protect yourself by finding out what air ambulance coverage you have by reading your health insurance policy or contacting your agent. If you need additional coverage, talk to your insurance company to see if you can purchase extra air ambulance coverage.

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