Winter Weather Tips

Winter weather is nearly here which means it is time to prepare yourself for the colder temperatures. Remember that wearing gloves, coats, wool socks, hats and scarves can prevent the dangers of frostbite. These articles of clothing help protect parts of the body that are more susceptible to frostbite such as the fingers and cheeks. Hypothermia is also a danger to look out for. Hypothermia occurs when the body’s core temperature drops below 96 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to prevent hypothermia you must reduce exposure to cold weather as much as possible. Also note that in the winter it is more important to stay as hydrated. Studies have shown that you lose more water in the colder months than the warmer months. This is due to the increased layers of clothing people wear which results in more perspiration. Doing these simple things will result in a safer winter for you and your family.

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