Indiana Disaster Relief Fund Begins Distribution of $307,000 in Aid to Citizens in 27 Counties for Mid-Year Severe Weather

The State of Indiana has begun issuing an estimated $307,000 in payments to citizens in 27 counties who suffered damage due to severe weather in June and July. At this time, 49 checks for up to about $2,500 are being issued. Applications for state relief will be paid according to a consistent formula until about January 20, 2016. At that time, any remaining funds will be supplemental and proportional to anyone qualifying for an amount more than the original award cap. Indiana is one of the few states in the country that has a funded State Disaster Relief Fund. Established in 2003, the fund provides assistance to disaster affected individuals and governments that were not eligible for federal disaster loans, but met the state’s criteria for disaster relief. Fees from retail fireworks sales provide the funding.

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