IRS Warns Against New Scam in Wabash Valley

A new scam is being used by thieves and the scam has hit Wabash Valley. According to the IRS there has been recent reports of scammers calling victims and demanding they pay a false tax bill. The scammer will pretend to be an IRS agent and demand you pay the false tax bill a certain way. This method ends with the victim too scared not to pay the fine and sends money through debit card or wire transfer. In order to avoid this scam it is important to know what the IRS will and won’t do over the phone. The IRS will not call you if you owe taxes unless they have sent you a bill in the mail prior to the call, they will never demand personal information over the phone, the IRS will never threaten to arrest you, and will actually never demand you pay taxes a certain way. If you get a call from the IRS and you suspect it is a scam, contact your local authorities and report the call. You can also report the call to the FTC on

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