How to be the Coolest House this Halloween

If you want to be the coolest house to visit this Halloween make sure that on top of having the best decorated house on the street, you also have the best candy. Recently a poll for The Best Halloween Candy Ever was conducted and the results showed that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the king of the candies! The Reese’s went up against giants such as Smarties coming in at 14th and Starbursts coming in 7th. In fact the runner up to the Peanut Butter Cups was the Twix chocolate bar. What is more important to note on this list are the candies that came last! These candies were Krackel bite sized chocolate bars in 48th place, Mr. Goodbar in 49th place, and the absolute worst candy on the list the Heath Bar in 50th place. As long as you hand out the top ten candies on the list you will probably be crowned the coolest house in the neighborhood. Or if tricks are your thing go ahead and give them the worst candy or take the extra step and give the kiddies a warm apple.

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