Turning Up the Heat? Here is Some Safety Tips

As the weather gets colder it is getting harder to keep the heat turned off. Many people of Putnam County have begun to use their fireplaces and space heaters to keep warm. Most house fires occur in late fall and all through winter due to improper use of heating apparatus. So when you finally cave in and turn up the heat make sure to remember these safety tips. For fireplaces make sure you have the chimney cleaned once a year. Preferably you should clean the chimney before you begin using it this year. For those that own space heaters be extremely cautious of where you place it. Do not place a space heater near any flammable material such as blankets. If you own a space heater make sure it is UL listed, this way if the heater were to tip over it would automatically shut off preventing a possible fire. Following these small safety tips should keep you and your family safe throughout this year’s cold weather season.

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