Ford Has Big Recall on Best Seller

Ford has recalled thousands of one of their best sellers, the F-150. 37,000 in all have been recalled with the model year 2015 because of brake issues. The trucks are slamming on their brakes when they should not be.

Ford has said the problem occurs when a F-150 is in its “Adaptive Cruise Control” mode. This applies the brakes when there is an obstacle detected. Ford says when the truck passes a large and highly reflective truck, the radar can be fooled into thinking that the truck is in the F-150’s lane and then hit the brakes. The collision-warning system would also activate, setting off flashing red lights and sounding an alarm in the F-150’s cab.

Ford said that they are aware of one incident that could be a result of this problem, but that is not aware of any injuries. They said the problem can be addressed with a few software updates.

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