“Glow Throw” Disc Golf Tournament Tomorrow October 3rd!

On October 3rd the Greencastle Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting the “Glow Throw!” Disc Golf Tournament. This tournament will feature 19 holes after dark with glow in the dark discs and is inspired by the UFO sighting that occurred near Greencastle in October 1951. All registrants will receive a glow in the dark disc and can compete for the grand prize. Registration begins at 7pm and the rules meeting will be at 7:30pm. The Glow Throw will tee things off at 8pm and is expected to end at 10pm. The disc golf course is located near the shelter on the south side of Big Walnut Sports Park. Registration will cost you $20 per person. For more information you can call (765)-653-3395. A sneak peek with pictures can be found at wrebfm.com.

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