Two Hikers Found Safe

police lights
Indiana conservation officers rescued two Indiana University students over the weekend while they were hiking in Hoosier National Forest. They had been lost for more than 12 hours.

Both, 19 years old, were wanting to check out Patton Cave before they got off track and became unaware of their location.

When the students realized they were not going to find their way out, they called 911 and they ended up spending the night in the woods.

The hiker who called for help at 9 p.m., his phone died around 11 p.m. which made it harder for officers to search at night.

The hikers were found the next morning and no injuries were reported despite having little water.

With the weather becoming colder, the Department of Natural Resources is urging hikers to stay on marked trails, remembering to bring a map, compass or GPS and to bring a fully charged cell phone. Also, do not forget a flashlight.

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