The Sports Director’s Opinion: Where Were the Colts?

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For the Indianapolis Colts their 2015 season opener can be one to forget. Fourth-year quarterback Andrew Luck looked horrible on the field throwing two interceptions in a 27-14 loss on the road to the Buffalo Bills.

The Colts were supposed to be the best offense in the league this year. They only had 304 yards of offense Sunday.

Luck was 26-of-49 passing the ball for only 249 yards and the majority of those came on the two touchdown drives that happened at the end of the third quarter and midway through the fourth.

Having only 63.6 QBR did not help Luck’s statistical performance, especially when his opponent was starting his first ever NFL game and he had a 123.8 QBR.

Now, not all of that can be taken into the hands of Luck, of course. When you have an offensive line that does not even slow down the defense.

Luck was sacked twice and forced to run the ball four times for 20 yards, but almost every time on all 49 pass attempts he was rushed and usually knocked down.

Oh, and Frank Gore? He ran the ball eight times for 31 yards. Wasn’t he supposed to be the epitome of the run game? The savior? It just proves that the offensive line needs to do its job better or the organization needs to do a better job in free agency and the draft because he sure was not today.

Defensively, there were ups and downs for the Colts, but more downs. The run defense was okay giving up only 147 yards but gave up runs of 31, 26 and 16. The pass defense was inexistent. Taylor threw the ball 19 times and completed 14 of them for 195 yards. Per pass, he averaged over 10 yards of offense. In other words, that means the Bills basically got a first down nearly every pass attempt. Now, there were passes of 51, 27 and 22 yards, but I think you’ll still get the gist.

Indianapolis had no sacks. They rarely even touched Taylor, who would run the ball if needed and pick up good yardage. He had nine rushes for 41 yards.

Most of the eyes that were focused on the Colts’ defense were primarily on rookies Henry Anderson and David Parry. Anderson was a nice surprise at times and led the team with nine total tackles. Even better, three of those were for a loss of yardage. Parry had only one tackle. D’Qwell Jackson had nine tackles and Darius Butler had eight. New additions to the defense Kendall Langford had three tackles and Trent Cole had one.

T.Y Hilton is hurt. Yes, the guy who just signed the handsome 5-year $65 million extension. He could possibly miss some time with a knee injury Colts Owner Jim Irsay said. He had seven catches for 88 yards before the injury.

Of the whole day, one positive that really stuck out to me was a running back. Most of you are probably thinking that is Josh Robinson, a rookie out of Mississippi State. Well, the rookie part is right, but it is Tyler Varga. He is the undrafted free agent picked up out of Yale. He had two kick returns for 53 yards and had some nice pass protection in the backfield. He also made a spiffy catch late in the game that went for 18 yards. He was once a kid who was told he would never be able to play football again because of a knee injury and is now making plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

There was little to talk about this game and things just kept getting worse even in the hands of Phillip Dorsett, who just looked ugly out there. At least the Colts will have a week to prepare before they open up their home schedule against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football.

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