Brown Charged with Theft and Deception After Taking Money From Animal Shelter Grants

Ben O’Hair of Greencastle and Ron Brown of Indianapolis are both facing criminal charges after a seven month investigation by the Putnam County Sheriffs’ Department. According to reports Ron Brown is being accused of theft and deception after he had helped the Animal Shelter receive a grant for $33,286 and made off with a portion of the money. He allegedly accomplished this by claiming he had paid contractors with his own money and that the grant money was a reimbursement. Brown did pay one of the four contractors which was O’Hair Heating and Cooling for $5,740. The other three contractors were HOP Security, Barry Grimes and GT Systems who did not receive any payment. After O’Hair received the payment of $5,740 he failed to inform the county of the payment. This resulted in the county paying O’Hair again for the money owed after investigations revealed that the contractors had not received the money that was owed to them. Brown currently has a warrant for his arrest while O’Hair has a summons to court.

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