Tiger Cubs Finish 3rd; Cougar Golfers Show Improvement at WIC Tournament

~From Coach Linda Patrick with add-ons

For the first time this year the Lady Cougars were able to post an 18 hole tournament score. In the Western Boone invite on August 22, the Cougars were missing one player but the three players who did play were able to experience an 18 hole meet in preparation for the WIC. The Cougars didn’t know what to expect going into their first WIC tournament as they don’t play many of the WIC schools in regular season play. This made it difficult to judge what a good score would be coming out of it.

The Cougars became more comfortable about these thoughts when they learned they would be playing along side with Greencastle and South Putnam.  Making it feel more like home, the girls relaxed and were all able to score lower than against Western Boone on a more difficult course.   Beginner freshman Mary Timm shot her first 18 hole with a score of 150. Now that she has this experience, she will work on her game in order to shave off strokes around the green. Anna Carrington, also a beginner, posted a 135 which was five less than against Western Boone. Anna had some striking issues but did well on the green. Emily Eltz realized the greatest decrease in her score from a 135 at Western Boone to a 121 at Idle Creek.  She was able to correct some striking issues on the range before the meet and took to the course with those corrections. Taylor Dixon dropped her 113 score at Western Boone to a 108 at the WIC. Taylor had excellent hits to the green, but some difficult short shots and putting issues prevented her from posting a lower score. Overall Coach Patrick is very pleased with the outcome of the first WIC and will know what to expect next year.  Coach Patrick is stressing the importance of each player to work harder on their basic hitting skills and focus more on their putting to get these number down before sectionals.

The Cougar schedule next week includes an away meat on August 31 to Owen Valley, Crawfordsville on September 1 to face Crawfordsville and Tri-West, and Deer Creek on September 3 to face Cascade.


Greencastle finished third with a score of 405. Lokysa Scheuermann led the team with a 93 and Macey Masten had a 96. South Putnam and Cloverdale did not have official scores.