Male Athlete of the Week: South Putnam Running Back Kyle Shaffer

South Putnam running back, Kyle Shaffer is this week’s male athlete of the week. He ran for 201 yards in only 20 carries last Friday in a 40-6 triumph over Cloverdale. He scored three touchdowns.

Shaffer is the son of Larry and Diana. He loves to play football and he says he tends to get lost in the game when he plays.


How were you able to run for over 200 yards Friday?

Kyle: What helped me run the ball was the big offensive line in front of me making holes. Everyone of the offensive line takes there position seriously and works as hard as possible to perform the best they can on Friday night and they did.

What were you thinking before each play?

Kyle: Before each play I kept telling my self run north and south and keep my feet moving and trust my offensive line to get me to the next level.

You had several yards after contact. What kept you going? How were you able to prepare for that?

Kyle: I have been working on driving threw the tackle and keep my feet moving.The whole team worked hard that week pushing each other. We compete every day to keep our spots.

How do you want to get better?

Kyle: I want to keep working hard playing with the proud tradition of South Putnam. When the Eagles see something we believe in it and go get it!

Defensively, how good do you feel this team is?

Kyle: Defensively were as good as we want to be. I strongly feel that we fly to the ball and try to make a play. We all believe we got something special and we just have to work that much harder to prove it every Friday night.

Overall, what is your impression of Friday night?

Kyle: We played very well. Coach congratulated us, but as a good coach he coaches us on the things we did wrong and that is how we excel. Our coaches make practices pretty hard but it’s all worth it when it pays off.

What are your goals for the season?

Kyle: Our goals are to get better, play 4 quarters and lay our hearts out on the line for our brother, Trevor long.

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