Putnam County Hospital Intensive Renovation Notice

The Putnam County Hospital main entrance off of State Road 231 will be temporarily limited to one lane during the morning hours of Monday, August 24, 2015. The temporary closing of the North entrance lane will allow the entrance to be prepped for a larger renovation which will take place beginning the week of September 7, 2015. Putnam County Hospital urges all drivers to use caution when approaching the hospital entrance during this time.

Starting the week of September 7, 2015, Putnam County Hospital will begin an intensive renovation to the hospital main entrance off of 231. At this time, the entrance will once again be down to one lane. While one lane will still be accessible, the hospital urges all staff, vendors, patients and visitors who are coming to Putnam County Hospital or the facilities located along Hospital Lane, to please bypass the main entrance, and turn at 300 South, located just south of the main hospital entrance. The entrance renovation is expected to have entry access down to one lane for two to three weeks. Putnam County Hospital urges drivers to drive cautiously near the work zone, and thanks the community for their understanding as the hospital continues to expand, giving our patients the very best in services and care.

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