DNR: Tree-stand and Ground-blind Rules Change

The date range to set up and leave portable tree stands and ground blinds on state and federal lands is now noon on Sept. 15 through Jan. 10. Another change this year is that hunters can now mark their stands and blinds with their DNR- issued customer identification number or their name and address. The previous rule allowed hunters to leave portable tree stands or blinds overnight on state and federal properties between Sept. 1 and Jan 10. and required the owner to mark the blind with name, address and telephone number. Any tree stand or ground blind placed before noon on Sept. 15 on state- and federal-owned lands is subject to removal. All blinds and stands must be removed by Jan. 11. Tree and ground blinds cannot be permanent. Fasteners or pole climbers cannot enter the tree more than one-half inch. For questions on hunting regulations at a specific property, contact each property directly.

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