Clover gold tops West Vigo and Linton

At Clover Meadows
Cloverdale 191
Linton 208
West Vigo 213
Cloverdale – Drew Boyette 42, Wyatt Helterbrand 47, Jason Miller 50, Michael Holsapple 52, Cody Morris 59, Tyler Harrison 61
Linton – Levi Jerrells 46, Sammy Robbins 51, Ryan Figg 54, Brady Smith 57, Jacob Goodwin 64, Carson Brown 66
Wet Vigo – Alex Baker 47, Branch Joy 54, Mekki Higgins 55, Aiden Rubinacci 57, Cody Ingham 62, Chris Ellis 68
We are really struggling with consistency.  Sometimes it is hole-to-hole, sometimes it is shot-to-shot.  Everyone of our players had some good shots and some good holes.  However, every one of our players also allowed things to get the best of them as well.  I think everyone has a list of things that they could have done much better, and have done much better in the past.
Drew did some really good things, but had just enough go wrong to prevent a really good score.  Wyatt had a very rough start, but regained himself and finished very strong.  Jason played six pretty good holes and was competitive, but his other three were almost other worldly.
Michael and Cody were playing in their first dual match situation.  They are still learning the ropes, but they have demonstrated that good things are in the works.  We just need them to find the consistency that makes an okay effort into something more.
Cloverdale (2-0) plays in the Danville Invitational Saturday at Twin Bridges.
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